Our group, part of The Motor Caravanners' Club, holds rallies all across the North of England, from the Scottish Border down to Yorkshire/Lancashire borders. Unlike other organisations, we are exclusively for motorhomers and our rally locations reflect this. Where possible,   we will be parked near to 'civilisation' or at least close to a bus route. Whilst you are free to venture out from a rally in your van if you wish, generally there is no need.


We organise  rallies  throughout the year, most of which  don’t require booking, just turn up and enjoy! To find out more about what to expect at a rally just click here.  If you're not a member of the Motor Caravanners' Club yet, you can join up at any rally. Just print out  and complete the application form and bring it along with your payment! Please check the Rallies page for information on bookable rallies.


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